New experience report from Claudia

Hello there! Yesterday morning I attended Mary’s Hatha Yoga class and had me completely relaxed 🧘. Her calm voice and clear instructions for the exercises were a nice change from my previous power workouts 😅😊. Anyone who wants to relax, stretch and find their inner balance is in good hands with Mary. Dear thanks Mary for inviting me to your class. My last yoga class was in spring 2019 and Jens my loving husband unfortunately I could never get him to join me although it would do him good 😋😆🙈🙊.
PS: my husband signed me up for kettlebells on Thursday 😂😁 actually I should book him into Marsha’s Cardio strentgh as a little thank you 😅🤣.
Okay, that’s it for now with my personal experience reports and who has lust may with pleasure his own opinion and experience reports about his equipment training, class visits or general reports about the experience in the BODY’N’SOUL+…. not only we, the Body’N’Soul+ team but also our members would be happy about it 😉😀. Because not only through your experience and motivation we can improve and accept suggestions for improvement but also our members get a little insight about your motivations….

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