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Opening on Sunday!

As we predicted we will give it a try to extend the opening hours.
We just got a couple new staff trainees in and this gives us the opportunity to try how Sundays will work out. By the look of it we will be able to run next Sunday from 9.00 am till 1.00 pm open to the members, no limitations, and no special.
This will be for members only right now because we don’t renew or sign up for new memberships on that day.

Hope to see you sweating soon 😉

Sunday special

Dear members,

We are very happy to announce the next Sunday special for the 28th of November. The first time slot is online from 10:45 am till 12:15 pm. When this time slot is full, we will enable the next one. Jens will be there for personal chats with the members if they have any questions, ideas or just to say hello.

Hope to see you sweating soon 😉

Save the Gym in St. Peters

Well I had a chat with Shanna Burke and she promised that if the Gym is not gonna happen in St. Peters, the funders will get their money back. In my opinion this is a really important basic need and back in the days my wife and me where happy that the Gym was in the Village to keep our son healthy and out of trouble. That for I know what is going on now for a lot of people who really need this service. It is not about competition, it is about a real need. If you can afford it to help this to work, please do your part. It is not about big money, every single dollar counts. Mental and physically health for just…what ever you can afford!
Thank you every body!

Dear Members,

We get questioned about longer opening hours, opening on Sundays and a lot more. We would like to get you more hours right away but there are some things that need to be addressed. First of all, we will go step by step in the reopening plan to follow all protocols and to keep the members safe and healthy. As we announced, we reopened the locker rooms to full capacity, we reopened the showers, we reopened the saunas and there is more involved than just turning on the water and heat. Most of our members appreciate all these steps, but some unfortunately aren’t. And to harass staff or be mad with them, is not just an impudence, it is not tolerated. These people give their best to serve all of our members and keep the Gym open every day and we are very thankful for that. Don’t hurt their feelings because you are not satisfied enough with the steps that are already taken. Thank you.We are looking to hire staff that is reliable and able to work shifts to cover more hours. Also we have a highly qualified manager ready to start every day, since a few months. Well, to get his work permit issued seems to be an incredible task while the Government is flooded with inquiries. To open longer during the afternoon will be something that will happen in the next step but we will still have a closure time for the deep cleaning / disinfection. So please be kind, thankful about the staff and stay tuned. We will work on the coming reopening steps to serve you as valued members.

Thank you and all the best

Join our Team!

Hi guys,
we are looking to hirer somebody for part time for the front desk. If you are a team-player, like to deal with people, reliable and would like to work in a gym, don’t hesitate to send us your resume. We are looking forward to hear from you.