Dear members, dear sports friends, 

after a long period of unchanged prices, we will have to raise some fees starting Nov 1st, 2021.
As a “thank you” for your loyalty applies:

Fees for all active members will remain unchanged if active membership remains uninterrupted (which means: interruption of a maximum of one month are tolerated).

Otherwise the following fees become valid from Nov 1st, 2021 (gym and current classes included):

Student/Senior* (CAD)Regular (CAD)Family** (CAD)
(17.25 incl. tax)
(17.25 incl. tax)
(10 daypasses)
(155.25 incl. tax)
(155.25 incl. tax)
1 week (7 days)49
(56.35 incl. tax)
(56.35 incl. tax)
(41.40 incl. tax)
(58.65 incl. tax)
(128.80 incl. tax)
3 months104
(119.60 incl. tax)
(164.45 incl. tax)
(372.60 incl. tax)
6 months198
(227.70 incl. tax)
(317.40 incl. tax)
(717.60 incl. tax)
Year 399
(458.85 incl. tax)
(642.85 incl. tax)
(1470.85 incl. tax)
additional kid family 12 month267.84
(308.02 incl. tax)

* Requirements for Student Status:  Younger than 35 years of age, enrolled as a student in high school, college or university (no online study).
Requirements for Senior Status:  at least 60 years of age. 
**Requirements for Family Status: 2 adults + 2 children under 18 years, all persons must belong to the same household, proof required.

Joining Fee (to be paid once by new members from a contract period of at least one month): CAD 49 (56.35 inc. tax)

Special offer for those who just want to join classes, but not the gym:

Student / Senior:                 CAD 6.09 (7 incl. tax)

Regular:                                CAD 8.70 (10 incl. tax)

What else is included in the fee?

Free swimming: Tue and Thu, 12 – 1 pm, Sat 1 pm – 2 pm
Free skating for parent and tot: Mon – Fri, 10 – 11 am
Free skating for adults and seniors: Mon, Wed, Fri 3 – 4 pm
Free running track
Free dry saunas
Free Wifi
Free showers

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri:    6 am – 9 pm
Sat:                8 am – 1 pm
Sun: 9 am – 1 pm

Please note that persons under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult when attending the Fitness Facility.

The upstair section of the gym is separated from main gym floor as a “Comfort Zone” for ladies and workout rookies to provide greater privacy and prevent intimidation.

Come and feel the new atmosphere in the freshly painted premises!

Further upgrades of the facility will be realised soon!

Looking for a present? We offer gift cards!

Before signing a contract, please download and fill out the Covid 19 – Questionnaire on the right. Please bring it with you when showing up in the gym for the first time.

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