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Special workout Sunday 31st

Keep in mind, tonight from 9.00pm you can book one of 35 time slots for the special workout sessions on Sunday the 31st.
10 people at the time for 1.5h

1. slot 8.00am to 9.30am (app booking mandatory)
2. slot 9.30am to 11am (app booking mandatory)
3. slot 11am to 12.30pm (Seniors only! 5 available for call in 5 app bookings) 902 625 7010
4. slot 12.30pm to 2pm (app booking mandatory)

Every participant will be in a draw for one week free membership.

Download the app :

Important topics!

Dear members, Today we want and need to address some important topics!Threatened violence and illegal substances.First of all, let me tell you what our vision of Body’N’ Soul+ is about. We want an environment where you feel welcome, safe and never mind to drop even of your kids. Port Hakesbury is a small community and everybody should tread everybody nice, fair and well, you will run into each other sooner or later anyway. At Body’N’Soul+ we work on a style that makes you feel home, but at least at friends. Please be part of this and respect each other.If somebody don’t follow the rules or is disturbing others, first try to let them know. When that not work, talk to the desk-staff and give them a chance to get it straightened out. We don’t tolerate any kind of threatened violence or bodily harm at all. If so, you loose not just your membership, it will result into a ban from the Gym. So please be kind and respect each other, thank you.Another topic where we need to talk about. Illegal substances. Today we had some suspicious activities in the locker-rooms and I needed to cancel the first membership. Let me state that entirely clear! Zero tolerance! Our staff is highly encouraged to call the police if there is a proof of illegal substances consumed or sold at the Gym. It is not our business what you do before or after the visit of the Gym, but in the facility there is NO PAROLE! So be aware that we not just ban you from the Gym, if we get proof of activities we call the police.Weather the Civic-Centre nor the Gym is a “Silk Road”. We want to be a safe, healthy and warm environment for all of our members.Thank you for your time, and see you soon for your exercises.

Sunday, January 31, is a special day at the gym

You can book one of 35 slots for 1.5 hours through our online member app. 10 members will have the opportunity to work out at the gym during the slot.
Seniors will get a call-in option in their time slot (one senior slot from 11am-12:30pm only). Five of the ten slots are not bookable online.
One week of free membership will be raffled off among all members who participated. (No cash value)

Wednesday special!

On Wednesday there will be a Special with Sonia Morris the “SonicSon” machine 😉

BodyBoost series
The BodyBoos Class is an alternative to Core Spin Class which will focus on Core strenght, Cardio to improve muscle tone, cardiovascular health and functionality.
All fitnesslevels are welcome.

Wednesday 27th from 5:30pm till 6:15pm

Bluetooth Body Fat Scales

One more little – but nice improvement – on its way. In our members-app you can record all your measurements, weight and so on. We are waiting for the delivery of Bluetooth Body Fat Scales. It shows your BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat and lots more. Smart app syncs with fitness apps and with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and offers App for Apple Watch. There will be one for each locker room and one that will be used with assistance of the staff to get your success if you are not a techy. This will also be used for some motivation competitions that we start during the year.
Your satisfaction and success is our goal 😉

Stay fit, stay healthy and…. stay tuned for more to come!

Upcoming member survey

Dear members, as you could already notice when visiting BODY’N’SOUL+, we are constantly working on various renewals and improvements.
In order to better find out where we should focus our attention, we will soon send out a survey to you.

We hope that as many people as possible will participate in the survey so that we can get a broad opinion.

A prize will be drawn among all participants. So it’s worth taking part!

Moi Thai Chi

We are pleased to announce that we still have openings for Moy Tai Chi with Michelle Greenwell.

Tai Chi is natural rejuvenation through whole body movement, tissue spirals and intention.

Class participants work at their own pace and learn as they practice .
Patience and understanding of the body’s need and willingness to relearn movements are essential.

The class begins Wednesday, January 13 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. and ends April 28.

Stay tuned, stay on track, stay fit, keep your resolutions!