Author: Jay B

  • Sorry for the kick out ;(

    Dear members, We feel sorry for the inconvenience regarding the changed opening hours today at the gym.

  • Time to make the town officials move!

    There just to much maintenance issues going on with the town to list all of them but our members know quiet a bit of it. We create massive paper-trails to get problems fixed but we are on a treadmill.

  • Delayed opening Tuesday the 14th of Feb.

    Because of the winter storm we got informed that the Civic Centre will open later then usually. For now they look to open at 9am depending on the weather and road conditions. Before you head over to the Gym check our Facebook or Website for updates. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and see…

  • Google Chrome Cast

    Upgrade to some TV’s. Technology is going fast and we want to offer you to keep up and enjoy your cardio even better. We hooked up some Google Chrome Cast’s to the Tv’s at the cardio section and marked them. You can enjoy your own content via Screen Cast, Red Bull TV, Pluto TV, Weather…

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    The new year started and the time is just flying by. Two years ago we started Body ‘N’ Soul+ at the Civic Centre in Port Hawkesbury and it still feels like yesterday. We want to thank you all Members to be part of the Gym also during the very difficult times of COVID. Also thank…