Time to make the town officials move!

There just to much maintenance issues going on with the town to list all of them but our members know quiet a bit of it. We create massive paper-trails to get problems fixed but we are on a treadmill.

At the beginning we just involved the maintenance staff, then we moved over to involve also Terry and Erin and at the End a councilor.

Let me put it this way, it didn’t worked well. Some crumbs get shuffled out of the way but no real progress.

Some samples:

In the ladies locker room 2 showers out of three are shut down. Since quiet a while! One shower in the men’s locker room is not shutting off but it doesn’t matter because down the road, the citizens pay the water bill not so the Town of Port Hawkesbury! The public washroom urinal was running for weeks if not month and I send an email with exactly this topic to maintenance and the town officials.

We have ugly holes in the walls since 6 month. Two weeks ago I requested an update from Terry and Erin and informed them that I am going to cut down the rent. Guess what, no answer it is obviously not worth their efforts? It is not their Money!

I wonder how people who care like them got into the jobs and even more how they can keep it?

To me it is time to involve medias, citizens to make a point and make them move. If you are a member and disappointed like we are, please let the front desk know if you would be willing to support us to get stuff done that should be done a long time ago. Get the equipment maintained as it should be. Drop of your phone number, email or the best way to contact you.

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