Month: July 2022

  • Spinning-Class

    Hi guys, we will be offering a Core Spinning class with Sonia Morris starting in early August. More details to follow next week.What is a spin and core class?A full body workout that combines both strength and endurance training to tone, strengthen and develop the body. Duration: 45 minutes. #Body`N`Soul #porthawkesbury#spin#core#workout#workoutmotivation#cardio#fitness

  • Waiver

    Offer this week ( 2022-07-21 to 2022-07-28) WaiverGood news if you have a friend, spouse, child or other relative and sign up or renew this week. You will receive a Companion voucher to waive their participation fee. It’s more fun and motivating together than alone. No doubt about it.We hope to see you sweating soon.Terms…