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Potential Covid exposures

There were two possible exposures at the Gym for Covid as NS-Health posted.
On their website they wrote YMCA but it is about Body ‘N’ Soul as far as I figured out. Unfortunatly we have not been contacted or informed by NS-Health at all. We will send an email later on to all members that where in for the specific times.

Fri, 04/23/2021 – 3:30 pm to 6 pm
Thu, 04/22/2021 – 3:30 pm to 6 pm

We miss you

We went to the Gym today to take stuff out of the fridge and water the plants, etc. It was a disturbing silence ;(
I missed the kind and friendly faces, that I usually see when I walk through. No smiling staff …. We are looking forward to see all of you after the lockdown sweating again.
Stay healthy, stay safe and see you soon 😉
All the best
Jens & Claudi


Dear Members

With the recent public health announcement Body ‘N’ Soul+ will be closed as of April 27th at 8:00pm for two weeks. Information will be provided to members within the coming days. Thank you for your cooperation, hope to see you soon.

Stay safe!

Good news

Sometimes bad news can also be considered as good news. Gyms are put down to a 50% capacity again, which doesn’t affect our activities because we didn’t change anything when they allowed for a 100% but social distancing. There was no way to maintain that at a 100% and this was why we stayed on the same level like before.

We now still have the oportunity to maintain the status and keep the facility running. But we all need to work together and make everybody feel safe and secure. Please follow the guidelines that we put out and do your part to get everybody through these times.

I honestly was concerned that Ian Rankin and Dr. Strang would force a province wide lockdown. We crossed the fingers and are happy and lucky that we all can still operate, work out and stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.


Dear Members

This is a reminder to our members that we are still in the pandemic and need to follow the guidelines set by the Nova Scotia Public Health, the Civic Centre as well as Body ‘N’ Soul. With the scare from the weekend, here is a reminder of the guidelines that need to be followed when you are in our facility.

• 6 Feet social distancing at all times
• Clean equipment before and after use
• Your mask must be worn in the following locations:
o The locker rooms
o Reception area
o When coming off the floor
• Only two people in the locker room at a time
• Make sure you have your tag or donate to the Jump Start program to acquire a tag
• You are NOT to enter the lockers rooms without a tag!
• During these times we are asking our members to do their workout. No Loitering!

• NEW!! We will be taking members’ temperatures when entering our facility.

Together safe

Dear members,
As most of us heard on the weekend, things are turning the wrong direction right now. First of all we look for the health and safety of our members, staff and surroundings. For that reason we will tighten up the controlling and ask the members to follow the health advisories.
Every member is welcome to go for their workout, but the Gym is right now not the place for closer socialising. Please keep the mandatory distance and wipe your equipment down with the disinfection as mandated. We all want get back to normal and this is part of the way.
The Town and Gym staff are doing their part and we appreciate that.

If any of you feel sick or went to any of the listed hot spots, please take the measures to keep other people safe. Together safe, together strong and together healthy and fit.

When we decide to do measures, it is not to bother our members, it is to do the best we can to serve you and the community.

Sure we would love as well to run the Gym wide open, nice and cozy seating area, socialising and much more and we will when the time comes.

This week we will take body temperatures with a contactless-thermometer and people above 100°F will not be allowed to enter the Gym.

Information for Sunday

We are very sorry about all the confusion but the information management of public health was really bad for the actual cases.
Several updates with different contents scrambled everything up and we aren’t want to scare our members. But we also in duty to keep our members safe and healthy. Some time tomorrow the Civic Centre will re-open when the deep cleaning is done, but we decided to stay closed to avoid any more confusion.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice and sunny again, that is why my wife an me want to explore some more of the beautyful trails in Port Hawkesbury, before the rain locks us in the Gym again. No bugs, good weather and no problems. Any more good news that you need? Wait for the lotto tonight^^ .
Thank you for your understanding and see you back sweating next week

Update to the update

***CORRECTION*** Public Health has discovered that the high risk exposure notification listed for the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre for April 18, 2021 was incorrect.
There was a high risk exposure at the Centre, and those individuals effected have been contacted directly by Public Health to self-isolate.
The exposure to the general public was low risk. Those present during the exposure time should arrange a COVID-19 test but they do NOT have to self-isolate unless they have COVID-19 symptoms.
We understand that this has caused significant disruption in the community, and we apologize for this error.

Important update regarding Covid exposure in the Civic Centre on April 18th. We send an e-mail out to members where we know that they visited the Gym at the specific time frame. The Memberships are put on hold.
If you visited the Gym at the time and didn’t received an e-mail, please send us a note or call in on Monday 902 625 7010.

The town is going for a deep clean at the Civic Centre and for that reason the Gym is closed today and we canceled the Sunday special for tomorrow.
Sorry for any inconviniences.
Next week we will take the body temperature from the members to make sure that every body stays safe and healthy.
If we get any further informations we keep you updated.
Thank you for your attention.