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Opening date still uncertain

Yes, no, I don’t know… 😉 Are we going to open soon? Well, ask the government 😉 It doesn’t look too good for the next couple of weeks, so. Anyway. We are not just kicking around and wait for better times. We make them 😉.

When we reopen, you will get a new fresh kick, and we hope that you enjoy it 😉 Stay tuned, stay safe and stay healthy! See you soon, back sweating in a new and awesome look

Good news

Dear members

With all that is going on in our world, we wanted to give some positive news to our members. Currently, all members of our staff, front desk, to our instructors have been tested with NEGATIVE results. We are very excited by this news. We hope all members are healthy and doing well so far during this lockdown. Stay safe, and we hope you are staying active while away from the fitness centre during the lockdown.

From the staff at Body ‘N’ Soul!!

Please note

Dear members,

As NS-health announced yesterday evening, there was one more possible exposure between 9.30 am till 12.30pm on April 27th.

Please follow the Public Health guidelines and stay safe and healthy. If you don’t know what to do, visit and or call 811 for further assistance.

stay safe and stay healthy

Body ‘N’ Soul +


Dear members,

today was a crazy day for us with a lot of confusion. Because lack of informations, we weren’t aware about if and who was a potential exposure of Covid-19 at the Gym. When Health-NS took it of their website and we read on the news about the correction, we send out an email to all members that where at the Gym within the specific times.
The disinfection measures of the whole Gym are taking place twice a day. So the town and us do our best to keep everybody as safe and healthy as possible.

If we would have known that there are two family members were tested positive on Covid, a lot of confusion would have been avoided. Fortunately a immediate member of this family informed us right away after we send our email out.

There is no way so far for us to get direct informations back and forth with Health-NS and that is why I am very happy that Brenda (mayor) will help to get that out of the way. She try to get us direct contact to them to avoid any more confusions and lack of information for the future. She and before Jason Aucoin did everything today to get things straightened and cleared out, what is highly appreciated by us. Thank you so much.

Because we just wanted to keep everyone in the loop and as safe as possible, is why we want to inform all members instead of just the members that where in at this specific times. Please follow the guidelines of Public Health and stay safe and healthy.

Thank you and all the best