Update to the update

***CORRECTION*** Public Health has discovered that the high risk exposure notification listed for the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre for April 18, 2021 was incorrect.
There was a high risk exposure at the Centre, and those individuals effected have been contacted directly by Public Health to self-isolate.
The exposure to the general public was low risk. Those present during the exposure time should arrange a COVID-19 test but they do NOT have to self-isolate unless they have COVID-19 symptoms.
We understand that this has caused significant disruption in the community, and we apologize for this error.


Important update regarding Covid exposure in the Civic Centre on April 18th. We send an e-mail out to members where we know that they visited the Gym at the specific time frame. The Memberships are put on hold.
If you visited the Gym at the time and didn’t received an e-mail, please send us a note or call in on Monday 902 625 7010.

The town is going for a deep clean at the Civic Centre and for that reason the Gym is closed today and we canceled the Sunday special for tomorrow.
Sorry for any inconviniences.
Next week we will take the body temperature from the members to make sure that every body stays safe and healthy.
If we get any further informations we keep you updated.
Thank you for your attention.

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