Together safe

Dear members,
As most of us heard on the weekend, things are turning the wrong direction right now. First of all we look for the health and safety of our members, staff and surroundings. For that reason we will tighten up the controlling and ask the members to follow the health advisories.
Every member is welcome to go for their workout, but the Gym is right now not the place for closer socialising. Please keep the mandatory distance and wipe your equipment down with the disinfection as mandated. We all want get back to normal and this is part of the way.
The Town and Gym staff are doing their part and we appreciate that.

If any of you feel sick or went to any of the listed hot spots, please take the measures to keep other people safe. Together safe, together strong and together healthy and fit.

When we decide to do measures, it is not to bother our members, it is to do the best we can to serve you and the community.

Sure we would love as well to run the Gym wide open, nice and cozy seating area, socialising and much more and we will when the time comes.

This week we will take body temperatures with a contactless-thermometer and people above 100°F will not be allowed to enter the Gym.

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