Special Classes. Please read!

Most of our members know that the Y, quit the service. There was a reason, for them it didn’t paid off. We took the Gym over from the Town, which served it to keep it running as an essential service. We are a little above half of the memberships that the Y had.

So when we go later to charge for more service it is not about making money, we still need to cover the expenses. All regular trainings will still stay at the same pricing. To offer more services we will need to get you into upgrade packages. Right now, you can enjoy it for free, so you should.

Please understand that this is not about to make the big money, because that is not what it is. We not just want to keep the Gym running, we want to turn it into your space where you just love to be and feel not just welcome, feel like home.

We try a lot to get figured out what you, our valuable members, are looking for. So give us a hand and lets make it happen. Lets turn the Gym into the place where all of us just want to be, enjoy the time and sweating 😉

Thank you.

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