We can open partially!!!

Dear valuable members,
today we have some very good and some less good news for you. We have the painting done and the Gym just turned out very beautiful.
Also we are able to reopen by Wednesday morning 8.00am.
From Thursday we will open up at 6.00 am for our beloved early birds 😉
Unfortunately the Town is not ready to get the hours covered in the afternoon and that is why we just open for the morning shift this week.
To open up one hour in the afternoon and then not even have enough time to do the proper disinfection is a no go and that is why we decided to stay closed on the afternoons.
Saturday will be open as usual. This lock down was another big rock for all of us to roll, but we got her rolling. So let’s get all of you ready and in shape for the beach! 😉
Except that we need to use the exit at the racquet courts till the 2nd of July, we should be back into business as usual the coming week. 😄
We are happy to see all of you back and enjoying your work out.
Stay healthy, stay strong and let’s get back together. 🍾🥳🥰🤩

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