New rules from October 4

Dear members of BODY’N’SOUL+,

as announced, the Province of Nova Scotia has established rules that will also affect our Facility as of October 4, 2021, and we will all comply with them. After a meeting with representatives of the Town of Port Hawkesbury, which is our landlord, the following regulations will be in effect starting Monday, October 4, 2021: BODY’N’SOUL+ front desk staff will ask each member about their vaccination status against COVID-19. Only those members who provide official proof (in writing or on their cell phones) of having received a full vaccination 14 or more days ago will be eligible to participate in training.

One is considered fully vaccinated after 1 vaccination with “Janssen” from Johnson&Johnson or 2 vaccinations from the other manufacturers (ModeRNA, BioNTech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca)

The front desk staff will enter into our software who verified the vaccination status as given and when. No other data will be stored.

At minimum, a record must show all the following information to demonstrate proof of full vaccination:

• the person’s name

• the brand(s) of vaccine received (such as ModeRNA, Pfizer, etc)

• an indication that all required doses for that brand of vaccine were received

• the date when the final dose was received

Nova Scotia Provincial rules state that all members of a gym must have full vaccination coverage no later than age 12 years and 3 months if they wish to continue training.

Medical Exceptions from being vaccinated and other regulations can be found in the “COVID-19 Protocol for Proof of Full Vaccination for Events and Activities” (download here: ).

On the other hand, as it stands now, we are pleased to announce the following easing of the current rules:

1st step from October 4, 2021: opening of the locker rooms. Attention must still be paid to social distancing and the observance of sensible other hygiene rules.

2nd step in the near future: Opening of the showers after consultation with the cleaning staff.

3rd step, date not yet clear: Opening of the saunas after consultation with the cleaning staff.

Dear members, we would like to thank you all for your reliable compliance with our hygiene concept so far. We would like to continue to have our facility open for you, which makes it necessary for us and you to follow the regulations from October 4. With all understanding for sensible hygiene rules, we hope that the new measurements will not lead to further division in society. Attention must still be paid to social distancing and the observance of sensible other hygiene rules.

BODY’N’SOUL+ still has the goal to offer its services to the widest possible public and to be a social meeting point for a harmonious coexistence.

Please help us to achieve these goals together.

We hope that soon politics will come up with a realistic way to find a responsible coexistence that welcomes again all people to our facility.


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