New director has started

Mr. Jens Blecker as the owner of BODY’N’SOUL+ and operator of the Fitness and Recreation Facility at the Civic Centre Port Hawkesbury is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Mittler has taken over the management as the new Director on Monday, 2021-12-13.
Mr. Mittler (48 years old) was previously an orthopedic specialist and head physician of a rehabilitation clinic for therapeutic and preventive measures in Germany. Due to the desire of his entire family to relocate to Nova Scotia, he was looking for a professional alternative. This was necessary because he is currently not allowed to practice medicine in Nova Scotia despite the prevailing shortage of physicians. Therefore, taking over the management of the Fitness and Recreation Facility presented itself as an ideal opportunity to remain fairly close to his learned profession.
“Maintaining a healthy body and mind, as well as mental balance, represent the foundation of human health. Strengthening the immune system is of elementary importance, especially in these times. Combating our civilization ailments such as shoulder-neck pain, back pain, arthritis, muscle weakness and poor posture succeeds with an intelligent training already with 1-2 units per week. And untrained people in particular notice this quickly.”
BODY’N’SOUL+ would like to open its doors further by winning Dr. Mittler, of course for sports enthusiasts, but also for the many fellow citizens who so far have not tackled their physical and mental problems on the path of individual physical exercise yet.

We hope to see you soon!

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