First impression of the new classes

Today I had two classes, the first was Bootcamp with Jessica Samson (I will probably feel my legs from all the squats 😅🙈😂 ) but it was super fun. And the second was Bodyboost with Sonia Morris the machine 😅🙈 😂 thanks to her I will feel my belly and shoulder I just say Spiderman 😂😂. Thanks to you guys for the great classes that really push you to your limits but always fun and motivating. Tomorrow it continues with Marsha McSorley class, I’m really looking forward to it 😁💪. Let’s go the summer can come 😜👗👙🦵💪👍.
We have of course two more trainers in our team that I don’t want to forget to mention, Mary MacKay our yoga instructor who gives very great yoga classes and Michelle Greenwell with her Tai chi class.
I want to thank you all for the great collaboration and your unique classes

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