Experience report from Claudia

Today I attended the cardio strength class with Marsha McSorley and it was really fun. Apart from the fact that my endurance is terrible and I especially with the push-ups (just between us, who the heck invented them, they are sooooo terribly strenuous and I hate them more than the spiderman) 🙈🙈turned out worse than my 3 year old nephew 😀 . But no worries, my excuse is sore muscles. Yeah I know, they are so effective and they are part of a good workout just like the squats 🤪 and hey I was the only one who felt like I was behind on most of the exercises. 🤓 But I had fun and the members were so helpful in the beginning and encouraged me to get through the torture 😀 .. with the weights etc… I would like to thank them again…
Really enjoyed it to attend the class today, thank you Marsha and thank all of the members to be sooooo kind :*
All of you are great!
And I learned my lesson how to use the really complicated stuff like Facebook 🥳🥳🤩

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