the “8-weeks-activity-program” 

which will start on Wednesday next week (Feb 9th, 2022).

This program is suitable for everybody who wants to get active again, for all fitness levels!

Participants will receive a daily schedule with exercises, nutrition ideas and recipes.

12 classes are included which can be joined in person at BODY’N’SOUL+ in the Civic Centre or via ZOOM (virtually) at home.

Sonia, an experienced fitness coach, will lead through the program.

Kick-off is on Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2022. The group is going to get instructions at a “question-and-answer-meeting” in the gym.

Body measures are taken and checked during the program.

After signing, the participantsts will be invited to a private facebook group where individual questions will be answered.

Fee: CAD 80 + tax (for members of BODY’N’SOUL+ it is only CAD 50 + tax).

Contact information:

Civic Centre
606 Reeves Street
Port Hawkesbury

facebook: @bnsoul.ca
instagram: #bodyandsoulplus1
phone: 902 – 625 – 7010

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